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Fast-track your professional development as a Primary Spine Provider

Grow your knowledge.  Help your patients.  Keep up with best practice spine care.

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  • Richard Cerceo former Executive VP/COO Mercy Hospital and Medical Center
    "Spine Care Partners have come up with an innovative program and hit the “Grand slam” for improving quality and access to care, lower cost and health improvement for our patients."
    Richard Cerceo former Executive VP/COO Mercy Hospital and Medical Center

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions you may have about Spine Cloud International membership are:

  • Why do I need to join this platform? Isn’t my evidence-based college training enough?
  • I feel adequately equipped in spine care – why would I need to become a Primary Spine Provider?
  • Why can’t I just make use of all the free content available on the Internet?
  • Do you offer a money-back guarantee?
  • Does membership to Spine Cloud International open up job opportunities for me?

As a healthcare provider with interest in spine care:

  • You need continuing professional development (CPD/CEU)
  • You need to rub shoulders with leading spine care professionals, globally
  • You need to be continually exposed to latest best evidence, best practice, patient-centered research
  • You need to get your patients better: safer, faster, cheaper, happier, measurable
  • You need to grow a patient-centered practice, without gimmicks, quackery or salesy tricks
  • You need mobile cloud-based, accredited online training
  • You need the wisdom of group-think & global community in spine care – anywhere, anytime, any device
  • You need to be ready for the next wave of healthcare: fee-for-value (as opposed to fee-for-service)
  • You need to be ready for the impact of artificial intelligence, big data and wearable technologies on spine care

Our membership platform offers an all-in-one solution to this end, all accessible on the cloud, on any device.

  • Peter Holden President & CEO Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital –Plymouth
    "Not only do I [use the Spine Care Partners program] for care myself, I have referred countless friends and family members to the program and have received nothing but glowing compliments in return. We are proud to offer this program to our public.”
    Peter Holden President & CEO Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital –Plymouth

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